Netcool and Remedy Solutions


How Netcool and Remedy Solution Helps Businesses

The need to analyze operations data is accelerating as companies look to improve efficiency and decision-making in their day-to-day activities. As cloud adoption grows, it is enabling greater agility in application teams. This is causing challenges for operations teams, who are adapting by shifting their focus to better manage the increased number of applications and data-centered infrastructures.
Mobile applications and agile development practices are also affecting the role of operations, which has led to a need for a greater understanding of how shared infrastructure relates to critical applications. With the increasing demand for converged infrastructure and more virtualized workloads, companies are looking for strong end-to-end solutions from their vendors.
Leveraging legacy fault monitoring solutions such as IBM Netcool OMNIbus provides customers a way to consolidate all alerts into a single view and notification system. For decades Manage of Manager (MoM) systems like Netcool have been the primary way of managing complex IT and Network infrastructures. However, as signal volume and complexity has grown there is a growing need to bring more Artificial Intelligence into these systems to relieve the burden on already strained Operations Staff.


Role of NetCool in IT

Netcool delivers innovative analytics to increase value and reduce the cost of ownership for all environments. With Netcool, IT personnel can shift from reactive to proactive, enabling them to identify potential issues before they become service-impacting incidents. Netcool also allows IT personnel to automate the processing of events and streamlining the event-management process. And it’s easy to set up and maintain—IBM has designed Netcool so that it takes just five minutes per node, on average.

Problem isolation, identification, and resolution are faster using NetCool. It identifies problems within seconds, then isolates them faster by bringing in relevant data from other sources. It also repairs problems quicker by providing the right details for resolution. This platform turns historical event data into insight for higher operational efficiency, seeing event hot spots that impact workloads quickly and easily seeing related events that may be candidates for suppression.

NetCool as Network Management Industry Leader

Moreover, Netcool leverages visualizations to quickly isolate the problems that will make more difference to the environment. As the industry leader in Network Management, NetCool provides the visibility, control, and automation needed to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot complex enterprise networks from one console. It allows organizations to bring together physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources into a single view with the ability to automate actions based on the network state or event. IBM acquired Micromuse in 2006, re-branding their flagship product as IBM Tivoli Netcool.

IBM Netcool Network Management helps communication service providers, enterprise data centers, and networking staff to discover, visualize, detect, configure, activate, integrate and remediate your network. The single solution is a combination of IBM Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus V8.1, IBM Tivoli Network Manager V4.2, and IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager V6.4.2.

Netcool and Remedy Solution as a Powerful Service Management Platform

Netcool and Remedy Solution is a service management platform and ITIL-based solution that many organizations are using currently. This powerful duo offers users a web-based interface for managing services and incidents, changing requests and configurations that help to streamline the service management process.  Users can perform tasks such as assigning work orders to technicians, routing tickets based on business priorities, and tracking the progress of work orders through their lifecycles from creation to completion.

The service management platform features deep visibility into network operations, easy-to-use dashboards and analytics tools, and integration with other critical solutions like ServiceNow and Splunk. Users can use the information from Netcool/OMNIbus Server Gateway (NSG) to configure Splunk as a Netcool event source or Splunk Logger appender in the Netcool Event Collector module (NEC).

Moreover, the Netcool and Remedy solutions allow users to create incidents, update their work logs and add journal records from within the ARS software. The right communication between the applications provides capabilities to integrate them seamlessly.

Remedy server installation

Installing the Netcool/Probe Remedy server is a straightforward process. The first step involves downloading and unzipping the installation package to a temporary directory on your computer. It’s worth noting that the package includes several additional components, including scripts for configuring a MySQL database and starting up various services on the machine.
The Netcool Client is required for all Netcool Operations Manager capabilities and should be installed on all machines that will be managed by the Operations Manager Server. 

  • Windows
  • Linux (Red Hat, SUSE)
  • Mac OS X/macOS versions 10.11 or later.

Users can customize the Remedy server by modifying the Application Customization Pack (ACP), Modify Server Customization Pack (SCP), Modify Database Customization Pack (DBCP), and Modify Network Configuration and Access Control Settings.

Netcool/OMNIbus Server Event Synchronization Module (NESM) is a Netcool/OMNIbus module that helps consolidate event information between the Netcool Operations Manager and Remedy IT Service Management applications. By acting as a bridge between these applications, NESM can simplify troubleshooting, reduce confusion about which system generated an event, and reduce access rights management over multiple systems. 


The Netcool/OMNIbus Server Gateway (NSG) makes it possible to monitor, troubleshoot, and report on events in your Netcool/OMNIbus environment through a user-friendly web interface. Remedy Extension for Networks Help Desk Interface (RENH) provides an interface between Netcool and Remedy. It is a separate product that integrates with Netcool and Remedy. Through RENH, you can manage your alerts in Netcool, or incidents in Remedy.

Integrating Netcool with Remedy allows users to maximize the full functionality of each application. For example, users can get all the information related to incidents in their network from Netcool and then drill down into details about incidents on individual endpoints by opening them in Remedy. This way users don’t have to open multiple consoles and search for specific information across multiple consoles while troubleshooting an incident or problem within their network.