Grok AIOps for IT Operations

Agility and Intelligence to Do More With Less


Reduce noise and correlate to find probable root cause to keep your services up and running. Allow your teams to work effectively and focus on incidents that matter. Both early incident detection and anomaly detection will allow you to address issues before they impact your business and your customers.


Reduce Noise and Incidents to Allow Teams to Focus on What Matters

Typical IT environments are noisy and the volume of events continues to grow at unprecedented rates especially as IT organizations adopt agile DevOps practices and new modern cloud, container, and virtualization technologies. Rather than helping, the massive amount of events actually hinders IT’s ability to see meaningful relationships and identify the root cause. Grok AIOps leverages machine learning to quickly and easily model complex IT infrastructures while utilizing powerful event clustering algorithms that consolidate and correlate similar and related events into meaningful detections for analysis and remediation. Let Grok AIOps do the hard work so your teams can focus time and resources on fixing real problems that matter to the business.

Correlate to Probable Root Cause to Keep Services Running

Rarely are IT issues only isolated to one domain. A database problem can have a cascading effect on apps and web services. A network switch or router problem can have broad effects across segments of applications, services and end users. Many IT organizations often manage incidents with their own tools and only within their own silos. Grok AIOps can integrate with multiple tools in parallel. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify patterns across multi-stack and multi-layer IT infrastructure environments to correlate events to the most likely root cause. Results are enriched and displayed in meaningful contextual views with event progression timelines to provide a complete view. Grok’s machine learning-based automated classification and workflow assignments can automate a repair or trigger a ticket or workflow without the need for preset rules. Grok can quickly respond, reduce MTTR and save countless man-hours to maintain your service levels.
Correlate to probable root cause
Gain Machine Learning Intelligence

Gain Machine Learning Intelligence Without Replacing Existing Tools

Many IT organizations have made significant investments in their existing tools and processes. Grok AIOps allows companies to continue leveraging these investments by bi-directionally integrating with these existing tools and providing a sophisticated AI and machine learning layer. This layer provides better insight and intelligence than possible with existing tools. Grok ingests events from the existing tools, then intelligently processes, analyzes, correlates and synchronizes critical information across multiple systems.

Early Detection to Prevent Incidents Before They Occur

While most IT teams focus on fast response and reaction times, many are also looking to proactively manage their environment. Grok AIOps gets organizations one step closer with incident prediction and early detection capabilities. Grok AIOps leverages machine learning to provide an early warning system to analyze event streams and identify similar characteristics leading up to an incident. These valuable signatures define an upcoming incident and notify operators when similar event patterns are recognized, preventing a critical impending outage. With Grok AIOps, the best incident is no incident at all!
Early Detection To Prevent Incidents

Plug and Play Machine Learning and No-Rules for Fastest Time to Value and Lowest TCO

The tools built for IT teams should be simple to use, easy to maintain and quickly deliver value to the organization. Unfortunately not all IT tools are built with this approach and IT teams are encumbered with long implementation times, time consuming administrative and rules management workloads, and with typically mediocre value returned to the business. Grok provides the industry’s most comprehensive AIOps solution. Our solution integrates with your existing tools to immediately deliver insight and intelligence without requiring complex configurations, rule definitions or algorithm development. Grok was developed to assist overworked teams, reduce OPEX costs and quickly deliver significant value back to your business.

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