Intelligent Integration

Analyze events from any source and intelligently construct event streams to process only the most relevant information.

Integrate and Layer into Your Environment

Grok is designed to easily integrate and layer into your existing infrastructure. Grok supports the latest modern cloud-based technology stacks as well as custom legacy tooling. Many environments already utilize mainstream, off-the-shelf and open source tools for monitoring, event management, ITSM and change management systems. Some may also have implemented “home-grown” solutions or customized legacy systems that contain valuable business data. Grok’s integration capabilities allow events and data to be quickly ingested into Grok with a simple and flexible design tool. Grok leverages investments already made with existing tools and combines them with the insight and intelligence of AI and machine learning.

Intelligently Filter to Process Only What is Relevant

As your systems are integrated with Grok, we want to ensure you receive the most relevant and valuable insights from the event and data streams. Grok utilizes a concept called event splitting and shaping to ensure only relevant event data is analyzed and processed by the machine learning algorithms. This greatly improves the accuracy and processing efficiency of Grok’s machine learning models. Grok provides the ability to split your event stream by customer, service, network, device types or other dimension. This enables the ability to filter out non-relevant events so the model will only incorporate selected factors that are relevant to the organization. Event shaping also enables multiple streams of events to be pre-processed, combined and enriched to develop a relevant, combined event stream to build more effective models reflective of your infrastructure’s complex dynamics.

Ingest and Integrate with Anything

Support the most common, commercially available and open source systems. Also data source agnostic, supporting disparate and distributed sources of differing formats, schemas, protocols, and speeds

Easily Setup and Configure

Quickly integrate with multiple sources including infrastructure, network, app, cloud and other tools with easy-to-use drag and drop graphical user interface

Synchronize Bi-Directionally

Synchronize data and information between systems to ensure all systems and systems-of-record are up to date with the latest status and updates
Intelligently Filter to Process

Scale and Perform

Easily process handle thousands of events per minute with high performance integration engine built for real-time, large scale data ingestion and integration

Intelligently Model Information that Matters

Process only what is relevant to your business and customers with machine learning driven event splitting and shaping,
Intelligent Integration