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Intelligent Operations with Grok AIOps


As businesses continue to evolve and change, they are increasingly dependent on their IT teams to evolve and change with them to deliver higher levels of services, improved user experiences and continuous uptime. At the same time, IT environments are becoming more complex and more difficult to manage with new virtualized and containerized deployments, hybrid infrastructures, and distributed applications. Unfortunately, fighting fires, sifting through infinite events lists and overworked resources seem to be the current norm for many IT teams. At Grok, we understand this pain and want to help you to end the maddening cycle.

Grok Plug and Play AIOps Platform

Grok Plug and Play AIOps Platform

By leveraging AI and machine learning, Grok AIOps helps you manage your infrastructure and operations more effectively, allowing your teams to work smarter, cut through noise, reduce troubleshooting times to keep critical IT infrastructure services healthy, while decreasing ongoing OPEX costs.
How can Grok help?

Grok is not like other AIOps platforms. Other solutions require heavy algorithm configurations that are expensive to build and maintain. Some solutions rely on outdated CMDB and topology data, while others have limited intelligence and need months worth of historical event data to deliver any value to the organization. At Grok, we let AI and machine learning do the heavy lifting. Grok leverages AI and machine learning throughout the platform and eases the integration into your existing environment. We plug into your event streams to immediately and automatically build sophisticated real-time infrastructure models that surface relevant patterns and relationships in your IT environment. We then leverage these models to address the tough operational and administrative issues facing your teams today.


Multi-layered AI and Machine Learning for Operational and Administrative Teams

Grok provides a multi-layered suite of AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive AIOps solution. The Grok solution provides significant benefits for both operational and administrative teams. Companies leverage Grok to fundamentally shift from reactive to proactive management through the use of event clustering, probable root cause analysis and diagnostics, early incident prediction and anomaly detection. In addition, Grok also makes the task of administering the system easier and less time consuming by leveraging machine learning to automate the classification of events, workflow and actions assignments without the need to manually create or maintain elaborate rules or algorithms. Grok eliminates the cumbersome, time-consuming effort and minimizes the administrative costs and resources required to integrate machine learning into your environment.


Grok Key Capabilities

Noise Reduction

Correlate and cluster events to reduce noise with real-time machine learning model and focus on issues that matter

Correlation & Probable Root Cause

Automatically correlate, group, contextualize and identify common underlying issues and probable root cause

Automated Workflow & Enrichment

Automatically enrich and assign action and workflow without the use of static rules

Early Detection & Incident Prediction

Proactively analyze real-time event streams to identify leading indicators of incidents and take action before an outage occurs

Anomaly Detection

Process real-time performance data to find & identify anomalous infrastructure behavior and take action

Scalability & Architecture

Easily and cost-effectively scale solution to support growth and dynamically changing environment

Intelligent IT Infrastructure Modeling

Plug ‘n Play machine learning model automatically learns and builds representation of infrastructure without CMDB or machine learning expertise

Intelligent Integration

Analyze events from any source and intelligently construct event stream to process only what is relevant

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to its Fullest to Drive Business Value

Quickest Time to Value

Grok begins learning your environment immediately and delivers value in days, not weeks or months. Start to make a positive impact on the business quickly with your real-time event and data streams.

Models Automatically Built for You

With plug and play machine learning, Grok can quickly ingest your event and data streams and automatically build infrastructure models that are tailored to your environment – without having to develop algorithms or use complex toolkits.

Deliver Continuous Availability

Quickly diagnose issues and find probable root cause. Grok clusters similar and related events in context with change information so your teams can easily identify the issues to resolve, while keeping your services and applications available and operational.

Manage Beyond the “Sea of Red”

Utilize machine learning to see the signal through the noise, allowing users to focus on critical information identified by Grok. Leverage incident prediction and anomaly detection to proactively manage your dynamically changing environment.

Build Agility and Innovation

Leverage machine learning every step of the way, enabling your teams to respond efficiently to changes and disruptions in the environment. Focus only on critical issues and free up your time and resources on innovation and helping to transform your business.

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to the Fullest

AI and machine learning capabilities are built into all aspects of the Grok solution to provide benefits for both operational teams and infrastructure teams tasked with configuring, maintaining and supporting the solution.

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