AIOps for Managed Service Providers

Agility and Intelligence to Deliver Unparalleled Service

AIOps for Managed Service Providers

Efficiently and effectively manage hundreds or thousands of different customers with plug and play machine learning models automatically tailored to customer environments. Quickly reduce noise and identify probable root cause for rapid diagnostics and MTTR ensuring you meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Managed service providers (MSPs) provide critical solutions to many organizations. Many companies rely on, and embrace, MSPs to better adapt to technological changes and assist in their digital transformation initiatives. However, as an MSP, there is constant pressure to improve service levels with limited resources and increasingly complex technology stacks. Grok AIOps was developed to support the specific needs of MSPs by providing better intelligence and insight, coupled with the ability to manage change, complexity and scalability in customer environments.

Manage the Complexity of your Customer Environment

Customer environments are varied and diverse. MSPs offer customer-specific solutions, while attempting to achieve economies of scale with customers that have similar toolsets and processes. Grok AIOps provides the flexibility to manage customers independently or manage multiple customers centrally. Grok’s plug and play machine learning model automatically and dynamically learns a single complex customer environment or scales the model across multiple customer environments.
Scale your services and resources

Scale your Services and Resources

The most innovative MSPs are always adding more customers and delivering more services. Unfortunately in most cases, companies are not given the option to add more personnel or resources to support the growth. Grok AIOps helps scale your team and leverage AI, machine learning and automation to work for you. Grok AIOps can do the heavy lifting by handling the cumbersome, manual tasks that your team needs to perform. This may include activities such as incident diagnostics and triage, manual correlation and rules creation. Focus your human resources on high value, strategic tasks and give your teams the agility to innovate and grow your business.

Improve SLAs and Resolution Times

Customers are demanding and competition is fierce. Ongoing outages or slow response times can result in lost business. Grok AIOps helps companies to meet or exceed SLAs by greatly improving your ability to respond to incidents ensuring you stay ahead of outages. Grok uses advanced machine learning algorithms to reduce noise and correlate root causes to efficiently resolve problems. In addition, Grok provides correlated, contextual information that can automatically assign workflow, automations or actions so issues can be addressed in minutes instead of hours.
Build Agile and Optimized Operations

Build Agile and Optimized Operations

Teams using Grok AIOps can transform themselves from reactive, manual operations to responsive, automated, self-learning operations. Grok AIOps adapts as customer environments change. Its machine learning models are dynamic and continuously optimized. Our event clustering, classification, anomaly detection and predictive algorithms provide immediate results. The models dynamically evolve and learn continuously eliminating any need for static correlation rules.

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