Scalability & Architecture

Easily and cost-effectively scale Grok’s solution to support growth and your dynamically changing environment.

Modern IT Environments Continue to Grow and Change

Grok provides an AIOps solution that will grow with your business. We feel that it is critical for our solution to support the complexities in your current environment, but also to scale with your company’s success. With Grok, we start with the ease of our plug and play integration and scale as required by your environment and business. Our highly performant integration engine and flexible machine learning models can adapt to accommodate the most demanding and complex environments.


Grok Leverages Modern Architectures and Machine Learning to Enable You to Easily and Cost-effectively Scale

Grok was built to utilize AI and machine learning throughout operational and administrative functions. Grok provides horizontal scalability with a microservices-based architecture enabling flexibility in deployment and scale to meet business demands. This also allows Grok to easily adapt to the distributed and complex environments. Grok is primarily a cloud-first company, offering a secure SaaS-based version of Grok. However, an on-premise version of the solution is also available, with the same robust architecture to support multiple deployment options.

Integrate With All Your Tools and Ingest at Scale

Grok integrates bi-drectionally with the most popular off-the-shelf tools and event sources. Grok can also easily support custom applications and tools with its flexible and simple drag-and-drop configuration user interface. The event ingestion engine is a highly performant engine that starts with one event stream and scales horizontally to process multiple event streams of variable event volumes.

Split and Shape Event Streams

Split and Shape Event Streams to Analyze What is Relevant to your Business

Grok’s ability to segregate and combine event streams by multiple characteristics provides the flexibility needed to efficiently build machine learning models for various business needs. Organizations may want to split out event streams by particular services, businesses, customers, or device types or filter out certain types of informational events for processing. Other times, event streams from multiple systems may need to be combined to build models across different technologies or functional areas. With Grok event stream splitting and shaping capability, we give you the ability to build machine learning models that provide holistic service visibility relevant insight you need for your business.

Maximize Machine Learning Across Operational and Administrative Functions for the Lowest TCO

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a major factor for most organizations considering new solutions for their environment. Organizations want solutions that are easy to implement and maintain that do not require huge support teams of engineers and/or administrators. Grok has a low TCO model that leverages machine learning in all administrative aspects of the product by eliminating rules management and allowing the models to self-learn. Our machine learning models learn in-line and in real-time, delivering immediate value while quickly adapting as the environment changes and grows.


Scale to the Most Complex and Demanding Environments

Grok’s core development strategy allows the most sophisticated environments to leverage the power of AI and machine learning in a cost-effective manner, while providing maximum value to the largest enterprises, communication service providers and managed service providers.