AIOps for Managed Service Providers

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You’re Stuck!

Honestly, every company that we see today is stuck where you are. Whether you are using rules based correlation, have deployed an AIOPS 1.0 solution, or have no correlation, you can’t move beyond reactive management.  

You can’t write enough rules, and you can’t hire enough people.  You can’t be proactive, predictive or self healing, because you are filtering 97% of the signal, when you auto-ticket or present a filtered set of alarms to the operators.


The Grok AIOps Solution Gets you Past Reactive & into Proactive Management

When we deploy the Grok AIOps solution, our clients see significant reductions in incident ticket volumes because Grok is able to identify incident signatures early in their lifecycle and prevents them from occurring. 


After Grok implementation, our customers were able to realize the power of proactive management in both hours and capital expenditures. 

Results of Grok AIOps Implementation

Below are actual (anonymized) case studies…

One of our clients, the third largest Global Managed Service Provider saw an 80%+ incident compression rate when they deployed Grok AIOps. That’s 40,000 NOC hours saved and, at $30 an hour, that’s $1.2M saved annually.

One Fortune 500 Enterprise saw 72% compression rate when they integrated Grok AIOps. That’s 36,000 Level 1 / Level 2 support hours and $1.08M saved annually.

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