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  Grok is an AI operations (AIOps) platform that proactively resolves IT incidents using machine intelligence and automation.

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Industry Leading Incident Detection

Grok deeply understands the patterns of behavior within any telemetry data stream, making your IT operations act proactively against events that could lead to downtime. Each individual metric has a corresponding data model, which is used to generate a likelihood score for data points received by the platform.

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Behavior-Based Alerting


Traditional operations and alerting platforms produce too much noise and force your team to chase down rabbit holes. Grok only alerts your team when it is worth their attention, using machine intelligence to assess the health of every metric on every app or service.

Works With Any Telemetry Data

Grok can accept data from any on-premise or cloud resources with its REST API. Grok has detected anomalies in IoT connected sensors, solar arrays, application servers and customer experience metrics.

Works With Tools You Trust

Grok can use its insights to trigger actions to tools you trust, conducting complex automations with intelligent triggers that fire the moment there’s a potential issue. For example, you can use Grok to restart a cloud service when its CPU Utilization shows anomalous activity.

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