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Grok applies biologically-inspired machine learning to enable intelligent hybrid cloud development and operations. Grok’s unique combination of automated and adaptive learning and adaptive learning finds unusual behavior other solutions miss and offers automated resolution for today’s time-strapped enterprise IT departments.

Use AI to detect anomalies in streaming data.

Grok leverages advanced machine intelligence to detect anomalies in streaming data with no training required. Within minutes, cloud ops teams can accurately assess the health of their apps and services. Grok learns continuously with each new data point. Users can get a quick glance at the overall IT health from multiple sources, including AWS, VMWare, and custom streams over HTTP.

Run custom automations to establish cloud homeostasis.

Users can write custom automation scripts to act on detected anomalies, creating a self-healing feedback loop that brings a cloud system back to a normal state. Upon a detection event, Grok triggers user-created custom workflows to deploy, manage, or scale services. Now, businesses can develop innovation while knowing their clouds are managed safely.

Create a predictive DevOps lifecycle.

Grok’s growing library of integrations to popular DevOps tools can improve an existing IT toolchain. With AI at the center of IT operations, teams can stream Grok data to popular monitoring and ticketing tools, bringing intelligence to their development.

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