How Grok Works

Turnkey Machine Intelligence

Grok uses industry leading machine intelligence to detect nuanced pattern changes in streaming data.

Within minutes, your development team can configure any streaming data source, making it easy to empower your IT operations practice with machine intelligence.

Grok accepts streaming telemetry data from your environment and encodes it for analysis. See this whitepaper for a deeper look into Grok’s HTM algorithms.

Grok updates a multi-layered representation of every metric with each new, streamed data point.

Grok learns nuanced patterns within your data to uncover behaviors that indicate a potential system failure.

Abnormal activity generates an event instantly, providing your team the lead time it needs to diagnose a potential incident.

Grok uncovers abnormal activity within a system and creates an event.

Any business can develop an algorithmic IT operations (AIOps) practice using Grok event triggers and tools you trust to resolve incidents.

Grok events are available for analysis within your environment and can be used to trigger automated responses to proactively resolve issues. Learn more about the platforms Grok supports to take action with speed.

Grok works across all clouds, public or on-premise, creating an intelligence layer across your business that gets smarter with use.

Grok continuously monitors your data, differentiating seasonal changes to events worth your business’ attention.