An Open Platform for Businesses

Grok is an intelligent interface between IT and Ops.

Grok’s incident detection algorithms work with tools your company trusts to take action and proactively respond to system issues.


Connect any streaming telemetry source to gain advanced intelligence on the behavior of apps, services, devices and more.

Detect potential incidents within the AWS cloud, from infrastructure, apps and services.

Monitor any web endpoint for the first sign of failure.

Create a webhook to detect anomalies within custom apps, services or metrics.

Write against our REST API to stream a cluster of metrics together.


Integrate with other platforms to trigger automations, conduct further analysis or triage responses to your team.

Analyze anomaly scores against other charts created within Datadog.

Correlate anomaly scores against New Relic APM.

Create tickets in ServiceNow when Grok detects a potential IT incident.

Send Grok events to any platform for additional analysis or to trigger an automation.

Write a program that executes a custom automation upon a detected event.

Offer turnkey machine intelligence and automation to your clients.

Your clients believe in a future where machine learning and automation provides immediate value to their bottom line. Grok can integrate with any platform that leverages big data to gain deeper business insight or to automate company operations.

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