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Changelog: 8/1/17

The little things we do to make your Grok experience more awesome.

First, welcome to the new site! We hope you find our content, resources and updates more enjoyable on our site.

Major Improvements
  • New Source: Nagios – You can now stream perfdata from a Nagios connected host to Grok! To get started, check out our readme and documentation on Github.
  • Chart Navigation – You can jump time windows depending on the view (hours, days, weeks), making it easy to navigate large sections of a time. The calendar jumping capability also highlights days of anomalous activity based on the history of your environment. Note: chart data may take a while to refresh and load, depending on the number of metrics managed by Grok.
Minor Improvements
  • Nicer indicator buttons and a condensed dashboard – holds more information for a quick, at a glance view of metrics monitored by Grok.
  • Fast environment launch times – In fact, environments launch instantly, and you can get a URL right upon completing signup. Nice!
Bug Fixes
  • A lot of fun nginx bugs that made load times slow and data not show up.

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Tarun Gangwani is Head of Product at Grok. He an award-winning product and design professional whose work has been used by millions of people around the world. With his background in cognitive science and design, Tarun has delivered user-centered solutions to startups and enterprise companies within a wide variety of industries that leverage cloud technologies to deliver innovation to their clients. Tarun’s perspectives and work have been featured in major news publications, including the New York Times,, Tech.Co and Forbes.

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